Monday, June 2, 2014

Spirit of the Cycle of Life, 6-2-14

Every day I say a prayer for my family, friends and myself that God open our hearts to His love and light, wisdom and grace and His joy.  I have expanded this prayer into the cycles of life as I see it.  I hope you enjoy these new pieces and the message they bring.

Spirit of the Cycle of Life:
These are all four panels making up the Spirit of the Cycle of Life.  There are four 12"x24" panels to create this 24"x48" piece.  It is mixed media with a base of scraped acrylic and layers of acrylic, ink, pastel.

Panel 1:  Love and Light
Notice the dried seed pod in the bottom left corner, scattering the seeds from which the new sprout, surrounded by Light and Love, grows.

Panel 2:  Strength and Confidence
Now the life is full of Strength and Confidence, shining brightly and fulfilling the promise of the first sprout.

Panel 3:  Wisdom and Grace
With age, one hopes, comes Wisdom and Grace, His light still shining through helping to spread the hope of a full and fulfilling life.

Panel 4:  Joy and Peace
Take note of the dried seed pod at the bottom right corner of this panel.  It is spreading the seed with His light and love shining down from the cross, top right corner, to start the new growth of a new generation.