Monday, September 22, 2014

Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture 9-2014

I'm trying a few new things in my ceramic sculpture.  I am still retaining the simple, primitive forms, but I'm trying to make the bowls MUCH thinner...not always conducive to hand built ceramics, but when it works, I think it brings something special to the piece.  I'm trying a few new forms and adding some brighter colors just for fun.  Hope you enjoy the new pieces.

Large Bowl with Wood, approx 18" across pot

Large Bowl with Wood, view 2

Large Bowl with Wood, view 3

Small Bowl with Geometric texture with Red Accents, approx 8"

Small Bowl with Geometric texture with Red Accents, view of outside texture

Small Blue Bowl with Incised Detail, approx 8"

Inside view of Small Blue Bowl with Incised Detail

View of incised detail

Small Pod Pot on Wood, front view, approx 9" tall

Small Pod Pot on Wood, back view

Colored Spirit Ball, 3"

Hanging triangular bird feeder; stained textured outside, white glaze inside, approx. 10" sides.

Hanging pod pot, green smooth side, approx. 9".

Same hanging pod pot with textured side showing.  This texture was made from a mold I made of the texture left by elk's teeth scraping the bark off of Aspen trees in Colorado.

Mini hand built pot, 3" tall.

Mini hand built pot, 2" tall.

Pod pot on Slate, approx 5" tall.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spirit of the Stream, 9-2-2014

After visiting Colorado for a week and getting deep into the forrest, I had to try to capture the magic of the creeks and streams that were so numerous this year.  The light/shadow; textures of moss, rocks/pebbles, logs; and the QUIET………………..except for the soft burbling of the stream……like it was whispering to me……like hearing God in church.........those were the things I wanted to capture and communicate to the viewer.  

So I wanted something that felt big but small, if that makes any sense.  The forrest was SO deep and HUGE but around the creeks, it was like the forrest was enveloping me in a hug, soft, quiet, warm and yet cool breezes caressing my skin.  That is why the Spirit is small in proportion to the whole painting.  I knew I didn’t want her to dominate as in some of my other paintings, why I wanted her transparent, almost not there, quietly caressing the water, barely making a ripple.  Is she really there, or will the bubble burst and it will all be just imagination and wishing?  

Hope you feel the quiet of the forrest, the cool water, warm sun, and most of all, the peace of the Spirit of the Stream.

Spirit of the Stream, 30"x15", mixed media--acrylic on stretched primed canvas, ink, pastel

Enlargement of the Spirit