Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sandzen Self Portrait exhibit 8-6-16

Saturday, Aug. 6th, 2016 was the opening reception for the self portrait exhibit of almost 90 artists at the Sandzen Memorial Gallery in Lindsborg, KS from 5-7pm.  I was so honored to have a piece included in this exhibit.  It was an amazing experience and a true celebration of the arts.  Following are several photos of the event.  I wish everyone could have attended to experience the laughter and creativity of so many amazing artists.

Me with my piece, 'With His Strength, Mercy, and Grace, I Will Measure Up', mixed media self portrait, 2006.

Crowd at 5pm when the doors opened, before the CRUSH of people came about 30 minutes later!

My piece on the wall with other portraits.

more crowd, Connie Burkett's portrait, bottom right.

portrait by Deb Wagner of Wichita, KS,  painted fabric with free form machine quilting stitches over it.  Magnificent.

Painting on a cabinet door with a piece of board on top of it.  Great detailing in the mask.

Some pieces from the second room of portraits.

A ceramic sculpture, back side with masks showing inside base.

front of same ceramic sculpture.....such joy in the face, which made me wonder about the masks hidden in the back of the base.

Small cubes with a black and white photo of the artist on each cube.  All stuffed in a glass sphere.

Ceramic portrait by Larry Peters of Topeka.

Ceramic and mixed media larger than life size sculpture by Linda Ganstrom, ceramic instructor at Fort Hays State University.

Portrait by Matt Miller of Hays, a friend from the Deines Center's ceramic workshops I taught.

Portrait in ceramics, stone, wood by Ron Michaels, Director of the Sandzen Memorial Gallery, titled 'I Am a Porous Vessel'

Portrait by Shannon, Director of the Deines Cultural Center in Russell, KS.  Titled 'Smoke and Mirrors'.

Ron Michaels giving a speech on how the self portrait exhibit came about.  This is a very small portion of the people present at the show.

My dapper husband, Charlie, who escorted me to the show, and me.