Thursday, January 21, 2016

Small Spirit Painting, 1-20-2016

I have finished four 5"x7" Spirit paintings for four friends.  We are meeting next week and I want to give them each a piece of my art.  I have tried to choose the subject for each individual.  I hope they like them.

Spirit of the Hope of Spring--5"x7", mixed media:  acrylic, pastel, ink.

Spirit of the Heart of Gold--5"x7", mixed media:  acrylic, ink, metallic paint.

Spirit of Mountain Dreams--5"x7", mixed media: acrylic, ink, rice paper.

Spirit of the Cross #2--5"x7", mixed media:  acrylic, ink, lace (from my grandmother's curtain), pokeberry dye, wood.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spirit of the White Raven, 1-13-16

I have completed the second raven piece, "Spirit of the White Raven".  I found this legend while researching the first raven painting.  I had never heard of the white raven before and found the legend to be beautiful.  (, if you are interested in reading the whole legend)  I tried to incorporate a few of the main points of the story into the painting--the raven flying through the clouds gathering ice crystals that made him white; the relationship to the white buffalo, the loss of the white buffalo and the Creator's tears.  I hope you find both the legend and the painting to be interesting.

Spirit of the White Raven, 9"x12", mixed media--acrylic, ink, pastel on black paper.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spirit of the Raven's Watch--1-10-16

I am experimenting with doing my Spirit paintings on black paper.  It is a totally different look and also a different way of looking at the concept.  This first piece is "Spirit of the Raven's Watch" and is a mixed media of acrylic, collage, ink and white ink, 9"x12".  Let me know what you think.