Friday, March 6, 2015

Spirit of Angels, 3-5-2015

I've just completed my first large Spirit piece, 30"x40" on raw canvas.  I have resisted doing the Spirit pieces in a large format as I love the small ones so much.  But I have been encouraged to try some large pieces (the suggestion was for a 4'x4' or larger!!!!).  So this is the first one.  I am encouraged and will probably try some more.

'Spirit of Angels', 30"x40" mixed media on raw canvas--acrylic, pastel, ink, cheesecloth.

Raw canvas on my grandmother's upright grand piano to show size.  I will frame it in a wooden floating frame, but it will have to warm up before using my new mitre saw!  The raw canvas will be adhered to a wood back that will 'float' around the edges of the canvas rather like a mounted drawing on a matt, with a mitered wooden frame around it.  The raw edges of the canvas will show rather than stretching the canvas on stretcher strips.  I will add photos of the completed piece when the frame is all done.

Detail of cheesecloth wing.  It is only adhered in a few places so that it fluffs out from the raw canvas.

Detail of the square with feather and the acrylic 'stamped' feather image from a real feather with ink detailing.