Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ellsworth Art Center show 4-3-17 to 5-12-17

Yesterday, Monday April 3, 2017, I helped set up my show at the Ellsworth Arts Center on main street.  It is a lovely space that held my 78 pieces nicely.  The artist Charles Russell's son, Robert, who is a graphic artist, is living in Ellsworth and helped me set up the show.  It was fun to meet him and hear some stories of his dad and his experiences.  If you are near Ellsworth, take time to visit the gallery and see my work.

Seating area in gallery which coordinates nicely with my pieces in that area!

Inside front entrance before entering lobby.

Inside front door.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Slab Roller, 3-7-17

On March 7th, 2017, my dear husband, Charlie, bought me a slab roller for my ceramic studio.  41 years ago he and I set up a ceramic studio and gallery in Cawker City, KS.  The only piece of equipment we didn't buy at that time was the slab roller.  All this time later, he decided that it was time and so for our 40th wedding anniversary (July 11, 2017), he bought me my slab roller.  It was an incredible surprise and an awesome present!  I thank him, not only for the wonderful gift, but for the gift of his love and patience, joy and laughter, the support and friendship for the last 40, well, 41 years.  Love you now and forever.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Artists At Large group show, March-July, 2017

Seven members of the Artists at Large group from Great Bend are showing in the upstairs gallery of the Hoover Opera House in Junction City, KS.  The artists are Herbert Harms, Bev Simonson, Billie Bonomo, Mary Kottman, Mary Nicholson, Terry Horner and Barbara Stevens.  There is a nice variety of painting styles and beautiful sculpture by Terry and two pieces of ceramics by Barbara.  The show will be up through July 31, 2017.

Two paintings by Herbert Harms and 2 ceramic pieces by Barbara Stevens.

Three paintings by Herbert Harms.

Pastel Paintings by Bev Simonson.

Four pastel paintings on right are by Bev Simonson; painting on left is by Billie Bonomo.

Paintings by Billie Bonomo.

Paintings by Mary Kottman.

Paintings by Mary Nicholson.

Sculptures by Terry Horner.

Hoover Opera House, Junction City, Solo Show

Today I dropped off fifteen pieces of my 2D mixed media pieces at the Hoover Opera House in Junction City, KS.  The show consists of my larger pieces and are for sale.  

Spirit of Night Shadows and Spirit of the Mended Heart, both 24"x36", mixed media.

Spirit of the Mended Heart, Spirit of the Raven Bringing Light Out of the Darkness, Spirit of Spring's Joy, Spirit of the Harvest Moon.

Spirit of Spring's Bloom, Spirit of Summer's Light, both 15"x30" mixed media

Spirit of Prayer, 12"x12"; Spirit of Whispers, 18"x24", both mixed media.

Spirit of Moon Shadows 15"x30", Spirit of the Leap of Faith 24"x24", Spirit of the Protector 24"x24", all mixed media.

Spirit of Hidden Places 24"x24", Spirit of Days Gone By 24"x24", Spirit of Serenity 24"x24", all mixed media.

Spirit of Day's End 30"x15", Spirit of His Kingdom, Power and Glory 24"x48".

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Best of Show, 2D Senior Art award 2-25-17

This last weekend was the Kansas Bowhunter's Association convention in Hutchinson, KS.  I took 10 pieces to enter in their art show.  The one I almost didn't take since it wasn't wildlife, won Best of Show, 2D Senior Art Division!  It was 'Spirit of Days Gone By', 24"x24", mixed media--acrylic, pastel, on stretched canvas.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spirit of Hidden Places, 2-9-17

Second painting of 2017, Spirit of Hidden Places, 24"x24" , acrylic on stretched canvas.  I love the calm and quiet of this piece.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spirit of the Protector, 2-6-17--First Painting of 2017

I am so excited about my first painting of 2017.  I had taken January off after the opening of my show but the KBA Convention is coming up in 3 weeks and I want to enter some new pieces for the art show.  So I'm trying my hand at wildlife again.....not my strong suit, but I am thrilled with the way this first piece turned out.  i hope you enjoy it also.

Spirit of the Protector, 24"x24" on stretched canvas, mixed media--acrylic and pastel.