Friday, March 6, 2015

Spirit of Angels, 3-5-2015

I've just completed my first large Spirit piece, 30"x40" on raw canvas.  I have resisted doing the Spirit pieces in a large format as I love the small ones so much.  But I have been encouraged to try some large pieces (the suggestion was for a 4'x4' or larger!!!!).  So this is the first one.  I am encouraged and will probably try some more.

'Spirit of Angels', 30"x40" mixed media on raw canvas--acrylic, pastel, ink, cheesecloth.

Raw canvas on my grandmother's upright grand piano to show size.  I will frame it in a wooden floating frame, but it will have to warm up before using my new mitre saw!  The raw canvas will be adhered to a wood back that will 'float' around the edges of the canvas rather like a mounted drawing on a matt, with a mitered wooden frame around it.  The raw edges of the canvas will show rather than stretching the canvas on stretcher strips.  I will add photos of the completed piece when the frame is all done.

Detail of cheesecloth wing.  It is only adhered in a few places so that it fluffs out from the raw canvas.

Detail of the square with feather and the acrylic 'stamped' feather image from a real feather with ink detailing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spirit of a Quiet Place Feb., 2015

I am experimenting with a little more realistic style yet keeping with my Spirit painting concept.  In this piece, I was thinking of a place in the country that belongs to a friend of mine.  She feeds the deer several times a week so one never knows when a glimpse of one will be found in this quiet place.  Rather than creating a landscape, I tried to create the passion my friend has for these graceful and shy creatures along with the magic of this very special quiet place.  

This is a mixed media piece:  scraped acrylic on an 11"x14" stretched canvas, pastel, ink.  This piece won 2nd place in the Senior Division of the 2015 Kansas Bowhunter Association convention in Hutchinson, KS 2-21-15.  

Spirit of a Quiet Place

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spirit of Found Peace, 2-5-2015

I finally got back to my painting yesterday and finished the painting today.  It is not my typical Spirit painting.  It is 11"x14" mixed media on stretched canvas.  The medias are:  scraped acrylic, torn paper I made myself used as a collage, pencil, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and the grass is 3D cut paper that is bent and stands out from the canvas.  

My husband is a bowhunter and I made this to show at the Kansas Bowhunter Convention at the end of this month.  I love walking in the woods, feeling the quiet and peace that envelopes me.  My husband walks the woods for the same reason while he is looking for deer sign, turkeys, other wildlife, and building habitat for all the animals.  He finds much joy and peace in being out there alone with the animals.  And yes, he does hunt, for food and we have always made a distinction between hunting and killing in our house.  My husband has told me many stories of sitting in his blind or tree stand and watching a deer come by, sometimes many deer come within range.  But he so enjoys their beauty and peace and quiet, that often he will just sit and watch, observe, and soak in the beauty.  I wanted to show this side of hunting so everyone will realize there is a difference between finding peace and those who only kill.  I hope you enjoy this painting and find some peace within it.

'Spirit of Found Peace' 11"x14" mixed media on stretched canvas.

Detail of deer and 3D grass

Detail of bowhunter enjoying the 'found peace'

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Experimental Dragonfly

The first post for the new year is a dragonfly made of an ochre pod, button and cheesecloth wings.  I have to admit that I'm having trouble getting into the swing of things after the holidays and travel and company.  So I pulled an old background that already had the cheesecloth on it and added the pod and button for the dragonfly.  The wings are highlighted with pastels.  Hopefully Feb. will bring a more productive attitude.

"8x10", mixed media--watercolor, ink, stamps, pen, pastel, cheesecloth, ochre pod and button.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gus and Boomer, 12-2014

I painted a couple portraits of some family pets for Christmas this year.  I normally don't paint animals so this is a stretch for me, but I was pleased with how they turned out.  They are not part of my spirit paintings, but are fanciful, loose mixed media using watercolors, pen and ink and pastels.  They are both 12"x12" .

'Gus', 12"x12", mixed media.  Gus is a 4 year old German Shorthair.

'Baby Boomer', 12"x12", mixed media.  Boomer is a half black lab, half Great Pyranese and is 7 months old and about 80 pounds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spirit of Christmas 2--Cherry Tree House, 2014

This is the second of my Spirit Studio Christmas cards, marking the second Christmas in my studio.  It is dedicated to my wonderful husband, Charlie, and the sweetest grand children in the world--Jacee Marie-11, Reilly Josephine--11, Calleah Elizabeth--8, Lillee Celeste--6 and Trason Lee who just turned 6 last Sat., Nov. 8th.  Grampa built their Cherry Tree House this last summer and I believe it captures all the innocence and magic of childhood.  So this Christmas, I would like to honor those qualities in us all.  May God bless you with the innocence of childhood, the magic of the Christmas season, and the love and grace the baby Jesus brought to us all.  Merry Christmas and Happy 2015!

Since this captures the innocence and magic of childhood, I wanted the bright happy colors of a child rather than the traditional colors of Christmas or winter.  I hope this card lifts your spirits and opens your heart to the magic of Christmas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wall Pod Pots, 11-8-14

I am working on a series of wall pod pots....kind of a hemisphere with a flat back side that will hang on the wall and look like the outside of one of my bowls.  All will have organic or earthy textures and I will experiment with stain and glaze on the outside.  I will be documenting the process of making these.  Something new from an old standby!

2.5" pod with hammered and dot texture

4.5" pod with dot and fossil texture

6.5" pod with gourd texture

8.5" pod with rock texture

15" pod with worm wood texture

completed series ready for slow drying

All of these pots are in their wet stage and since they are very thin to keep the weight down, they will need to be dried extremely slowly.  There will be 10-20% shrinkage from the size they are when they are wet to their completed stoneware state.

side view of wall pod pot.  The flat bottom completely covers the back side of the bowl and wraps around the bowl's edge creating the pod look to these pieces and it adds contrast to the textured bowl.

The flat back of the pod is signed and dated and a slot is carved into this side for hanging.  This is done when they are wet.  When the pods are leather hard, these slots will be cleaned and an added notch will be carved in the bottom center of the slot to allow a nail head to be slid into the slot for hanging.

Watch for more photos to be added as the stages of the pods progress through drying, bisque firing, staining, glazing, and the final stoneware, cone 6 firing.