Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture, Aug., 2014

I am finally back in my ceramic studio!!!  It feels so good to be working in clay again......it is my first love!  I got to try out the new small Skutt kiln that my husband found for me at an auction for $30.  We figured it had maybe been fired twice!  It works beautifully and will be great for small loads, test firing, testing glazes, etc.  I also have some new glazes which work beautifully with my earthy style.  Here are a few examples of the new pieces.  Keep watching for more updates.

I love working with simple, primitive styles that look like they might be found along a path while walking in the woods or along a river.  So these pieces are all displayed with or on wood or stone pieces to strengthen that feeling of unearthing a treasure.

Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture by Barbara JO Converse Stevens, August, 2014

approx. 12" across

approx. 8" across

approx. 12" across

Pod pot approx. 10" tall

Spirit Ball....this is taken from an Native American belief that the artist's spirit is captured within the sphere.  One hears the 'spirit' by shaking the sphere and hearing the rattle of the spirit inside.  I love this concept as I feel that  a portion of my spirit is transferred to all of my art pieces, whether it is 3D or 2D.