Monday, November 16, 2015

Spirit of the Night Forrest, fall, 2014

This is a painting I did in the fall of 2014 and for some reason did not get it posted.  It is poured acrylic using liquid acrylics and a metallic gold on stretched canvas, 7"x 14".  It is one of my favorite pieces.

Spirit of the Past, Present and Future, Nov., 2015

This is a new painting, 'Spirit of the Past, Present and Future'.  The concept was thought of by my granddaughter (Seth's daughter) Jacee Marie, 12.  She wanted to do three separate paintings with me, one, 'Spirit of the Past'; one, 'Spirit of the Present'; and one, 'Spirit of the Future'.  She wants us to do them together.  We will do those one day, but until that happens, I could not shake the concept.  So I asked her permission to do one painting of all 3 myself, and she said I could.  I used some of her ideas.  The past is foggy and gray because it is in the past and you can't do anything about what has happened. The present is full of color and joy because all we have is this moment and we can make it wonderful.  The future is unsure, especially when one is young.....there are SO many possibilities, and thinking about those possibilities is fun and exciting.  So I've presented this Spirit piece in a little different form than my usual spirit piece, to hold her concept as I pictured it as she was explaining it to me.  I think it is an amazing concept for a 12 year old.  She has sketches of her own visual for this set of paintings and they will be wonderful when we get together to paint them.  In the mean time, I have this one to remind me of what an amazing granddaughter I have!  Hope you enjoy it!

Mixed media:  acrylic, cut paper, collage, pastel, ink, 12"x24"

Detail of the Past, collaged trees, acrylic and ink.

Detail of Present, collage rock and girl, ink, pastel, acrylic.

Detail of Future, cut paper 'paths' extending out from the canvas.