Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spirit of His Kingdom, Power, and Glory Forever, May, 2015

This is my first major painting in awhile.  It is inspired from my visit to the redwoods on my trip to California in April.  These magnificent trees touched my very was like entering a sacred place, spiritual and magical and awe inspiring.  Some of the trees are over 1000 years old and yet their roots run just under the top of the ground.  It is hard to capture the perspective.  A person standing by this tree would barely come above the round base on the right.  We counted around ten different languages and people of all ages, and yet the quiet was powerful.....everyone spoke barely above a whisper, if at all.....even the children.  The pinecone from these HUGE trees is the actual size of the drawing in the blue square.....extremely small compared to the tree.  May the spirit of this painting touch your soul and allow us all to remember His Kingdom, Power and Glory forever.

Spirit of His Kingdom, Power, and Glory Forever, May, 2015; mixed media--scraped acrylic, acrylic wash, pastel, ink, printing, metallic acrylic, text all on raw canvas.  This will be mounted on a floating frame.  44" tall by 18" wide

Tree top done in cheesecloth

Ink drawing of the pinecone is the actual size of the real pinecone from this HUGE tree.

Lord's Prayer on metallic gold paint

Base of the tree.  A person would come approximately to the top of the round area on the right of the base of the tree, but be dwarfed by the width of that round area.  The dark area was a space that had had fire open wound.