Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spirit of Night Shadows, 3-2016

During the full moon in February, i happened to go outside and notice the unusual cloud formations.  While trying to get some photos of the beautiful night sky (unsuccessfully!), I was walking around our yard.  The street light at the corner of our lot is an unusual color of light and as I was walking around I realized that in one spot in the yard, the light turned the winter grass ORANGE!  I was stunned and could not take my eyes off of it. The more I looked the incredible orange grass and burnt sienna shadows grew all around me.  It was a beautiful sight.  This is a much more simple painting, but is still one of my favorites as it reproduces the unusual night shadows of that February moonlit night.

24"x36", mixed media--hand rubbed acrylic background, acrylic and pastel.

Spirit of My Sweet Girl (on Turning 16), 3-2016

My great niece, Kathryn Reilly Colburn, just turned 16.  Her grandmother sent me a photo of her in the Yosemite mountains where they celebrated her birthday. This photo torn at my heart as she seemed so grown up, so much the young woman she is growing into, and yet, there was the sled, as if she was still hanging on to a bit of her childhood.  I used my sister's photo for a reference for this painting of my sweet girl........this is what I have called her since she was little.  She will always and forever, be my sweet girl, no matter how grown up she is.  

24"x36", mixed media, hand rubbed acrylic background, acrylic and pastel.

Spirit of Lazy Days, 3-2016

My favorite bird is the pelican and especially the pelican's on our rivers and creeks that feed into Waconda Lake in north central Kansas.  They seem so peaceful and calm as I float by on my kayak.  They do not seem nervous or scared and seem to be willing to share the peacefulness of the water, the day, while we enjoy our lazy days on the water. 

Spirit of Lazy Days, 15"x30", mixed media--hand rubbed acrylic background, acrylic and pastel.

Spirit of the Raven's Call, 3-2016

I've finished the companion to the 'Spirit of the Raven's Watch'.  This piece is 9"x12"  mixed media--white ink on black paper, black ink, rice paper and colored paper collage.

Spirit of the Raven's Call