Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sandzen Museum accepted TWO pieces! 6-2-16

I found out Thursday that the Sandzen Museum is accepting two of my pieces for two different shows at their museum.  This is very exciting news for me and I appreciate their invitation to these shows!  

The ceramic piece is being shown NOW through the middle of July.  

The 2D piece is a self portrait that is conceptual, approximately 24"x24" on raw canvas with torn edges and tears into the piece.  Those show the imperfections and missteps we have in life.  It is hanging from a wooden yardstick by invisible fishing line so that the piece appears to float below the yardstick.  The rips are 'mended', as we try to use quick fixes to fix our problems, with a bandaid, staples, pins, inappropriate threads and stitching until we finally learn to turn our problems over to the Lord where he mends and heals the 'rips' for us.  His love and light surround us giving us strength whether we ask for it or not.  He is always there, holding us up, helping us through to the place we are meant to be.  

Thanks to Ron Michaels, Director of the Sandzen Museum, for his support and request for my work in these shows!