Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hoover Opera House, Junction City, Solo Show

Today I dropped off fifteen pieces of my 2D mixed media pieces at the Hoover Opera House in Junction City, KS.  The show consists of my larger pieces and are for sale.  

Spirit of Night Shadows and Spirit of the Mended Heart, both 24"x36", mixed media.

Spirit of the Mended Heart, Spirit of the Raven Bringing Light Out of the Darkness, Spirit of Spring's Joy, Spirit of the Harvest Moon.

Spirit of Spring's Bloom, Spirit of Summer's Light, both 15"x30" mixed media

Spirit of Prayer, 12"x12"; Spirit of Whispers, 18"x24", both mixed media.

Spirit of Moon Shadows 15"x30", Spirit of the Leap of Faith 24"x24", Spirit of the Protector 24"x24", all mixed media.

Spirit of Hidden Places 24"x24", Spirit of Days Gone By 24"x24", Spirit of Serenity 24"x24", all mixed media.

Spirit of Day's End 30"x15", Spirit of His Kingdom, Power and Glory 24"x48".

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